A half-day workshop that will help you overcome chronic issues and conflicting values so your team can thrive

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As leaders, we often treat every challenge as a problem to be solved, with a right or wrong answer.

But this “either/or” thinking is a dangerous trap! To be a better leader — both at work and at home — we need to realize that many of life's challenges are tensions to be managed.

The Power of Healthy Tension provides a simple framework that allows leaders to tap into the power of “both/and” thinking. By doing this, we gain a massive competitive advantage, and move from surviving to thriving.

Schedule a Workshop  What is Healthy Tension?

Common Organizational Tensions

Common Tensions - 1
Common Tensions - 2
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Unite Your Team

Give your team the shared language they need to move from conflict to collaboration, where everyone is heard and understood.

Spark Change

Find out why it is hard for people to shift their thinking, and learn the skills to promote healthy change that your team will support.

Get Unstuck

Break through chronic issues and conflicting values to regain effectiveness, energy and enjoyment.

Schedule a Workshop  What is Healthy Tension?

How it Works



Discover the top three tensions that are foundational to your team's success.



Determine how healthy these key tensions are being currently managed.



Gain the communication and decision-making skills needed to thrive.

Schedule a Workshop  What is Healthy Tension?

Is your team tapping into the power of healthy tension?

Take the quiz and find out!

Why it Works

Relevant & Timely

It feels like the world around us is becoming more polarized each day. Embracing healthy tension has never been more critical to success.

Practical & Actionable

Real-world examples make sense of the framework and provide skills you can apply right away.

Interactive & Fun

No one wants to attend another boring workshop. Interactive activities, table discussions and small group work bring the session to life.

Schedule a Workshop  What is Healthy Tension?

Benefits of a Team Workshop:

Customized – Every team is different. A private workshop ensures that the program design and learning outcomes are tailored to your unique group and its workplace challenges.

Focused – A private workshop provides you with the rare and valuable opportunity to assess current reality while establishing a plan for a successful future.

ROI – A small investment into the effectiveness of your team will result in significant returns back in the workplace.

Fun – A perfect blend of learning, interacting, and community will strengthen team bonds and develop a foundation of trust.

Schedule a Workshop  What is Healthy Tension?


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