Teams and leaders often struggle because they haven’t developed the core skills required for success.

Leaders for Leaders’ half-day team building and leadership workshops provide you with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the workplace.

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Healthy Tension

Leverage Complexity – Embrace Change – Lead with Confidence

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The EQ Edge

Leadership Success through Emotional Intelligence

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Healthy Communication

Promote Feedback – Avoid Misunderstandings – Create Clarity

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The Power of Healthy Tension

As leaders, we often treat every challenge as a problem to be solved, with a right or wrong answer.

But this “either/or” thinking is a dangerous trap! To be more effective— both at work and at home — we need to realize that many of life's challenges are tensions to be managed.

The Power of Healthy Tension provides a simple framework that allows teams to tap into the power of “both/and” thinking. By doing this, we gain a massive competitive advantage, and move from surviving to thriving.

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Common Organizational Tensions

Common Tensions - 1
Common Tensions - 2
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Core Concepts

Embrace Diverse Perspectives

Gain the ability to work effectively with people who have different opinions and perspectives than your own.

Communicate More Effectively

Learn the difference between a problem to solve and a tension to manage, and the skills required to communicate conflicting points of view.

Make Better Decisions

Learn a thoughtful, deliberate decision-making approach when dealing with complex issues.

Schedule a Workshop  What is Healthy Tension?

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Why it Works

Relevant & Timely

It feels like the world around us is becoming more polarized each day. Embracing healthy tension has never been more critical to success.

Practical & Actionable

Real-world examples make sense of the framework and provide skills you can apply right away.

Interactive & Fun

No one wants to attend another boring workshop. Interactive activities, table discussions and small group work bring the session to life.

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Benefits of a Team Building Workshop:

Customized – Every team is different. A private workshop ensures that the program design and learning outcomes are tailored to your unique group and its workplace challenges.

Focused – A private workshop provides you with the rare and valuable opportunity to assess current reality while establishing a plan for a successful future.

ROI – A small investment into the effectiveness of your team will result in significant returns back in the workplace.

Fun – A perfect blend of learning, interacting, and community will strengthen team bonds and develop a foundation of trust.

Schedule a Workshop  What is Healthy Tension?


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