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Give your organization the skills they need to overcome chronic issues and conflicting values.

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See an example of what you’ll learn:

Often leaders and teams have a clear vision but fail to live it out.

They get stuck because of…

The Power of Healthy Tension helps leaders get unstuck by providing a simple 4-step plan that allows them to unite their team, spark change, and live their values.

The Power of Healthy Tension has helped hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders move from surviving to thriving.

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Unite Your Team

Give your team the shared language they need to move from conflict to collaboration, where everyone is heard and understood.

Spark Change

Find out why it is hard for people to shift their thinking, and learn the skills to promote healthy change that your team will support.

Get Unstuck

Break through chronic issues and conflicting values to regain effectiveness, energy and enjoyment.

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About Tim Arnold

Author - The Power of Healthy Tension
President - Leaders for Leaders

Tim Arnold has spent over two decades helping organizations unite teams, spark change and get unstuck, with clients that include The United Nations, Citibank, KPMG, Toyota, and Siemens.

Tim is able to provide his clients with a real-world perspective through his experience launching successful for-profit and not-for-profit businesses, overseeing community outreach and healthcare programs, and managing international development partnerships in four continents.

Beyond leadership and team development, Tim is an avid outdoorsman, enjoys traveling, and is a really bad hockey player. His biggest accomplishments are being dad to Declan and Avryl, and husband to Becky.

Relevant & Timely

It feels like the world around us is becoming more polarized each day. Embracing healthy tension has never been more critical to success.

Practical & Actionable

Real-world examples make sense of the framework and provide skills you can apply right away.

Interactive & Fun

No one wants to hear another boring talk. Audience interaction and just the right amount of humour bring the keynote to life and make it memorable.

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