Leadership Foundations

A virtual five-month leadership development program.

Give your leaders the skills and confidence they need for success.

Give your organization the leadership it needs to scale and win.

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At Leaders for Leaders we know that you need a winning strategy for leadership development.

The problem is your leaders are already busy. Taking time out to attend long training sessions that require travel is unrealistic and expensive. This is why we developed the virtual Leadership Foundations program. It’s fast, focused and is proven to deliver winning results.

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Leadership Model

How it Works


Sign Up

Start by enrolling a class of up to 16 of your most promising leaders. From here, we will tailor your curriculum and confirm the program delivery dates.


Fully Engage

Leaders for Leaders will a 3-hour virtual learning session each month. One week following each session, Leaders for Leaders will have 45-minute coaching sessions with small groups of 3 to 4 participants.


Lead with Confidence

Upon program completion participants will have the leadership skills needed for success, and as a member of the program’s alumni, they will also have a community to learn and grow with as the journey continues.

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Why it Works

Tailored for You

Because we come to you and work with only your leaders, we speak your organization’s language and deal with your unique challenges. This way participants don’t waste their time in a one-size-fits-none program.

Wrap-Around Support

We understand that your leaders can’t wait until the next program when they need real-time help. Our faculty support provides them with what they need, when they need it.

Practical and Actionable

Real-world and organizationally relevant examples make sense of the concepts, and a personal action plan ensures new skills get immediately applied to the work world.

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Program Information

Location — All sessions take place virtually on our Zoom platform.

Timing — Large group sessions and coaching are set up between faculty and participants at a convenient time for you.

Equipping and empowering new managers and supervisors shouldn’t be the bottleneck to growing your company!

Stop carrying the overwhelming weight of leadership development on your shoulders and start enjoying the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing your organization will have the leaders it needs to scale and win.

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