Try This Icebreaker at Your Next Virtual Meeting

Try This Icebreaker at Your Next Virtual Meeting

With people working remotely, we understand how hard it can be to develop your team.  Here is a virtual icebreaker that is easy to deliver and proven to be effective.  Enjoy!

6-Word Summer Summary? (approximately 12 minutes)

Remember when you went back to school each September?  One of the first things you had to do was share with the class your answer to the question, “How I spent my summer”?  To set a fun and engaging tone at your next virtual meeting, start with a modern twist on the same question.

Step One: Tell each participant they have 90 seconds to come up with their 6-word summer summary.  This means, in a six-word sentence (less words are ok), they have to best explain how they spent their summer. Stress that this can be fun or serious – it’s up to them.

Step Two: Have a few examples that you can read to the group to help them understand. If possible, put these on a slide and share your screen with them so they can see them while you read them. For example:

Step Three: Have a timer ready on your phone and give the group 90 seconds to write their 6-word summary. Once the timer is done, let the group know it’s time to hear everyone’s great work.  

Have fun!

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